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How to Build Your Own Dog Agility Course at Home


Disclaimer: Please be sure to follow all safety precautions and instructions. CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets is not liable for injury due to the construction or use of a dog agility course.

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6 Winter Pet Tips from the ASPCA!


All About Heart Murmurs in Cats and Dogs

December 2019

2020 CVCA Calendar Contest Winners

November 2019

We've already announced our 2020 Calendar Contest winners on social media, but we'd like to share their stories and help you get to know them better today.

How You Can Help During National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month

October 2019

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), there are approximately 6.5 million animals that enter shelters in the United States on an annual basis. Of that 6.5 million, about 3.4 million are dogs, and unfortunately, roughly 670,000 of those dogs will be euthanized. Because of this, we want to bring more awareness to National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month.

The Top Dog Memes from 2019 (for balance!)

September 2019

Compassion, excellence, and integrity—these are the three core values that we embrace here at CVCA. When it comes to our patients, clients, and veterinary partners, we are always striving to provide and promote the most optimal care for pets that we can. With trust and honesty, CVCA will always work to diagnose and treat heart disease as early as possible, providing your pet with a longer and healthier life.

Our Favorite Cat Memes of 2019 (So Far)

August 2019

Here at CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets, our focus has always been about creating the best possible experience and outcome for all of our cardiac patients and families. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to lighten up the mood with a good laugh. So what makes for a “purrfect” way to de-stress and get a good laugh in during your day? Cat memes, of course!

10 Signs of Heart Disease in Dogs & Cats

July 2019

Heart disease affects dogs and cats of all ages. Puppies and kittens can be born with an abnormal heart while older pets develop heart problems with age.  Signs of heart disease can be hard to notice so we developed this list of things to watch for in your pet that builds on our 10 Signs of Heart Disease in Dogs & Cats infographic. (Note that symptoms 1-4 always warrant a vet visit.)


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