Celebrating National Pet Month with Our Animal Friends

May 2019

May is National Pet Month, a time to give thanks for all the benefits that our furry friends bring into our lives. To celebrate, we spun through our Instagram feed of recent patients to find some of the happiest, silliest and sweetest pups and kitties to share. We hope you enjoy meeting some of our patients as you celebrate your own pet companions all month long!

Jasper, Toy Poodle, Annapolis, MD

Say hello to Jasper, a 9-year-old Toy Poodle, seen at our Annapolis, MD office for Degenerative Valve Disease (DVD). Jasper has many "siblings" including devoted feline brothers and a new Golden Retriever sister. He also has friends that he visits on occasion and loves to frequent the beach. We look forward to seeing Jasper in November for his recheck!

Ryu5Ryu, Domestic Short Hair, Louisville, KY

Just 10 months old, Ryu visited our Louisville, KY office and received a clean bill of health. His heart size and function are normal. Ryu’s mom shared that he really enjoys bubbles and sticking his head into an empty pretzel jar for hours at a time. She still hasn’t figured out why. We hope this silly boy continues to live life to the fullest!

Wyatt, Golden Retriever, Austin, TX

Wyatta Barrow 2

Wyatt is a beautiful 3-year-old Golden Retriever who visited our Austin, TX office for Subaortic Stenosis. Wyatt is a playful pup who enjoys the water, chasing balls, going to the dog park, and hanging out with his two-legged baby brother. He is the definition of pure happiness!

cdn2.hubspot.nethubfs4095345social-suggested-imagesthunder-3Thunderbolt, Blue Merle Great Dane, Towson, MD

Thunderbolt is just 6 months old and loves giving kisses. He visited our Towson, MD office for tachycardia (rapid heart rate), but luckily his tests showed his heart function to be normal. Thunderbolt’s parents are both veterans so, like his siblings, he is named after military equipment - in this case, a tank!


George, Domestic Short Hair, Fairfax, VA

George, a 5-year-old orange and white Domestic Short Hair visited our Fairfax, VA office for treatment of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. In his spare time, George enjoys playing with bubbles, lounging in sinks, and posing for the camera. He even has his own Instagram - @georgeofthedcjungle.  We look forward to seeing George for his recheck in November!



Rocky, Persian, Vienna, VA

Rocky is a gorgeous 6-year-old Persian who visited our Vienna, VA office. After 18 months, Rocky’s heart disease is now stable and only needs monitoring by his primary care veterinarian. In his spare time, Rocky enjoys staring out the window in search of Foxy and Woody, the neighborhood fox and woodchuck.



Emma, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Austin, TX

This sweet 8-year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was seen at our Austin, TX office for Degenerative Valve Disease (DVD). Emma puts her sweetness to good use as a therapy dog at Baylor’s Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center. We’re sure she loves the attention too!




Azizi, Egyptian Mau, Columbia, MD

Azizi, an 9-year-old Egyptian Mau, which is the fastest domestic feline breed that can run at speeds up to 30 mph! Azizi, which means 'precious' in Egyptian, worships the sun like his ancestors; you can always find him sunbathing around the house. When not basking in the sun, Azizi plays a mean game of soccer – trapping treats in the air and chasing them down the hall at high speed. Azizi was seen at our Columbia office and was diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). He is currently doing great and we look forward to seeing him for his recheck!

Cody, Miniature Poodle, Fairfax, VA

Meet Cody, an almost 13-year old Miniature Poodle who has been a patient of CVCA since 2016. Cody has been receiving ongoing treatment for Degenerative Valve Disease (DVD) and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Despite his diagnosis, Cody has always stayed a happy and positive pup!


Siam, Siamese, Louisville, KY

Meet Siam, a beautiful Siamese boy who enjoys spending time with his owner in the horse barn. Siam was seen at our Louisville, KY office for a consultation and is doing well.





Tips for Celebrating National Pet Month

One of the best ways to celebrate National Pet Month is to remember the little things that can keep your favorite furry friend happy and healthy all year long.

Get Out and Exercise

Just like their human counterparts, both dogs and cats need healthy exercise to keep their hearts healthy. Daily walks with your dog are a great way to provide physical exercise, as well as mental stimulation and bonding time. While most cats don’t walk on a leash like their canine friends, providing stimulating toys, tall scratching posts, and regular play time with you are all great ways to get your cat moving.

Go Easy on the Treats

While we all love to spoil our pets, too many unhealthy treats can lead to obesity, a contributing factor to heart disease and other conditions in both dogs and cats. Ask your veterinarian about healthy treat options for your pet so you can feel good about treat time.

Don’t Forget Annual Checkups

If you haven’t scheduled your yearly checkup yet, now is a good time to have your pet evaluated. Be sure to schedule a wellness exam at least once per year to catch health problems early. Checkups are especially important for pets with chronic conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or arthritis.

How are you celebrating National Pet Month? We’d love to hear your stories on our social media pages, including Instagram and Facebook!

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