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American Heart Month


Did you know that heart disease remains the leading cause of death for both men and women in the US and worldwide?! And sadly, heart disease affects at least 15% of cats and over 30% of our canine companions. That's why February is American Heart Month, to raise awareness for cardiac health in humans AND animals! We invite you to participate in our initiatives, contests, and weekly quizzes to spread awareness and have a chance at winning special prizes throughout the entire month of February! To learn more, visit our American Heart Month page!

The most important thing to remember this month is that you CAN control risk factors for both you and your pets with heart smart habits. Here are a few tips:

Exercise Routinely

  • Watch the 30-second Move More Manifesto from the American Heart Association.
  • Walking at least 20 minutes a day can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke…and work out your pets, too.
  • Take the dog with you when you walk and/or encourage fetch/running play.
  • Use toy mice or the laser pointer to get your cat off the couch and moving.

Hug More

  • Hugs deliver real health benefits, from easing stress to lowering blood pressure.
  • Hugging or petting your pet also lowers your blood pressure and cuts down on stress hormones, while also soothing your pet.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight - For You and Your Pet

  • Keep track of your daily calories. Your pet needs your help, too; measure their food and ask your primary care veterinarian about proper portion sizes!
  • Minimize table foods and treats that simply unbalance their diet.


To learn more about 10 Signs of Heart Disease in Dogs and Cats, click here. Join CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets and the American Heart Association when we say:

Take the necessary steps to living a long and healthy life!

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