CVCA Pet Calendar Contest Winners - 2019

December 2018

CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets is happy to announce our Pet Calendar Contest winners. Thank you to everyone who submitted a contest entry. We received hundreds of entries, making the choice very difficult, indeed!

Interested in a calendar?! Head to your nearest CVCA location to receive a complimentary copy! Be sure to check out the final page for a special collage of many of our contest entrants!

2019 Pet Calendar Contest Winners:

Cover – Libitina 

Libitina was diagnosed with HCM when she was 9 months old. We love CVCA for the in-depth personalized care they give. We always feel welcomed and like part of the CVCA family when we are there. The techs and cardiologist are always very caring and amazing with Libitina as she is a very active cat and loves to climb on their shoulders!

January – Blackie


I love CVCA for Blackie's care because she was very relaxed during our visit, even when having "funny" stuff done.  All of the doctors and staff took their time to make sure she was not stressed.  With her name on the welcome sign and her CVCA swag, she felt like a celebrity  :)

February – Daisy Mae

We love CVCA for their patience and understanding while caring for us.  Thank you for loving our pets as much as we do!

March – Riot

Riot - March

Riot is a wilderness SAR K-9, and was referred to CVCA with pericardial effusion. It was thought he a mass on his heart, and I thought I was losing my partner. The fluid was tapped from around his heart and Riot continued to see Dr. Tyrrell once a month. Dr. Tyrrell and the staff at the Leesburg CVCA have been incredible through all of Riot's visits and have given me my boy back. As of last week, Riot received the "all clear" to return to work, and there has been no evidence of a mass. I can't thank CVCA enough for their professionalism, knowledge and compassion. They are top notch!!

April – Kato

Kato - April

I love CVCA because they truly do care for your pet. You only get one heart, and when your pet has cardiac issues you want to know that you have the best possible team on your side. Being patients of CVCA, I truly feel supported in managing my dogs cardiac condition. They are awesome!! 

May – Mocha Joe

Mocha Joe - May

Mocha Joe was able surpass his 9 lives due to the wonderful care by Dr. Tyrrell and the staff of CVCA! He lived with a heart murmur for years and then later developed an arrhythmia. I cannot express how much I appreciate the care my Mochie received and for the extra time I was able to spend with him. 

June – Ralphie & Farkus

CVCA took excellent care of my first Sphynx, Louey. After he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he sent me two angels to look after me- Ralphie and Farkus. Now they also go to CVCA to stay on top of any heart issues. We love CVCA!

July – Bailey

Bailey was a rescue in pretty bad shape when he was found wandering the streets of Baltimore. Soon after we adopted him, we were told he had a heart murmur. We went to CVCA and got the sad diagnosis of heart disease, but they took such good care of him. He outlived all expectations and you could barely tell anything was wrong with him through great medication management. Sadly, we lost Bailey in July. However, because of the care he received from CVCA, we had a lot of extra time with him.

August – Buster

Buster- August

They put my mind at ease about my pet's health. That's hard to do because I'm a licensed Veterinary Technician and have seen a lot! 

September – Bubby

Bubby - September

The staff and doctor were extremely friendly and  warm. I loved that I got to be in the room for his echocardiogram, I never had that opportunity before. it kept him calm and let him know I was there for him. It was also nice and welcoming to see his name written on the board in the examination room. And, they followed up a few days later to check on him. I am happy that we found Dr. Shih and her team! Here's hoping Bubby continues to defeat the odds!

October – Boo

Boo - October

Over the past month, our Boo went from a highly-energetic, rather mischievous pooch, to coughing frequently, walking slowly, struggling to breathe, and having little energy.  It was heartbreaking to watch his condition deteriorate so rapidly.  Upon the advice of our veterinarian, I took him to CVCA Annapolis. Dr. Kendra LaFauci and the rest of the CVCA team treated Boo like he was their only patient.  After quick and painless testing, he was quickly diagnosed with advanced degenerative valve disease, congestive heart failure, and atrial fibrillation.  The doctor took the time to thoroughly explain to me (with pictures) all of his conditions, and recommended a course of care going forward.  It's now been several weeks, and I am so grateful that the CVCA team has given Boo a new lease on life.  He is now acting like the dog we had a year ago.  Although his time with us is limited, I am thankful that he is experiencing the best quality of life possible.  

November – Ivy

Ivy - November

Thrilled to have the reassurance that Ivy is free to continue doing all the things she loves - like hopping on board a Viking ship for an adventure!

December – Norman

Norman - December

Everyone at CVCA is so helpful and really cares for Norman. 

Congratulations to these special pets and their owners! We are happy to be a part of so many life-saving stories every year. The love we have for our pets knows no bounds and CVCA is here for you and your pet whenever you need us.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!



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